If you would like to quit smoking, and can round up three or more friends, family members or co-workers who would also like to quit, we can come to you!

If you live within 150 km of the Edmonton city limits, there would be a minimum of three people required.  We would arrange a day and time that it convenient for you, for us to come on location and do the initial treatment.  We would also come back within 30 days to do a follow-up appointment on location.  If anyone from your group happens to require a follow-up appointment sooner, they are free to come to our clinic in Edmonton for the follow-up at no additional charge.

If you live 150 km + outside the Edmonton city limits, please give us a call at 780-452-9197 or email us at info@albertalasertherapy.com and we would be happy to discuss some options with you.