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Laser therapy (low-level laser therapy) is a profitable addition to the services you currently provide or starting a new business. Equipment costs and space needed is easily managed. Within just 2 days of training you can be certified in laser therapy and appeal to a new demographic of clients or provide additional services to your current clients - smoking cessation, drug and alcohol addictions, weight management and pain management. Add to your overall service offering, increase your income and add diversity to your day.

Why Laser Therapy for Addictions and Pain Management?

Since covid, there has been an increase in substance abuse and created a greater need for affordable and successful addiction treatment programs. In 2023 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centres Industry has been growing faster than the Canadian economy overall. In 2022, 30% of adults 18+ in Canada were obese and 35% overweight and one in four Canadians 15 years and older live with chronic pain.

The goal of Alberta Laser Therapy by the end of 2024 is to educate all Canadians about laser therapy as a safe and highly effective form of treatment for addictions and pain management. And for Canadians anywhere in Canada, not just in the major centres, to have access to these affordable and effective treatments.

Laser Therapy Training Edmonton
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Laser Therapy (laser acupuncture) follows the basic theories of acupuncture or acupressure. These same points are stimulated with low-level laser (LLLT or cold laser).

Our laser therapy for smoking cessation has a 73% success rate, far above any other methods used for quitting smoking.

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